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11 Tips and Tricks for Printing Stunning Business Cards

11 Tips and Tricks for Printing Stunning Business Cards
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In today’s business world, many people consider business cards as relics. Well, they are not. Not only do they act as the first point of contact between parties but they continue to serve as ambassadors for your business. Furthermore, they act as an extension of your professional identity. Business cards are still the best mediums for establishing new connections. At a networking event, they have the potential of wining new business for you.


Today, we take a look at 11 tips and tricks for printing stunning business cards.


  1. Be creative

Photos can now be incorporated on business cards especially if you work in the fashion industry or photography. Although a business card has a small space and they may lack impact if a photo is incorporated, employing creativity and arranging the photos in the best way can result in a fantastic look. For a great look, use different photos set in geometric shapes. You can also use the following resource as a guide: Photography model business card.


  1. Simple is effective

A business card should be able to convey a lot about you and your business at a glance. For this to happen, it should be clean and uncluttered. The best way to go about this is by including relevant information only. You don’t have to include any gimmicks in the design especially with your business contact information. This applies to the font too. Stick with simple colors – black and dark gray. Remember, you don’t have to include your contact information if the final design looks uncluttered.


  1. Enhance readability

It is quite easy to be tempted to add more information about your business. As a result, you may end up shrinking the text in order to achieve this. Doing so makes the text unreadable meaning the reader will be forced to squint. The rule of thumb is to ensure that font size is not smaller than 8 pt. For the font, keep it simple and professional. Avoid calligraphic fonts.


  1. Avoid slogans and campaign taglines

If you are tempted to add slogans, coupon codes and campaign taglines on your business cards, don’t. While it may act as brand messaging, the content is not evergreen. Only include vital information such as logos and your business contacts that sends the right message but also act as a conversation starter.


  1. Be playful

If you want to grab someone’s attention, novelty business cards are the right medium. Thanks to their quirky design, it will be easier for participants at the networking event to notice your card even when they get back to their office. Remember, at the networking event, people share a lot of business cards between each other. At the end of the day, one will end up with a neat stake. Having novelty cards gets you noticed. Use the following resource as a guide: Vintage Playing Card – Business Card.


Remember, novelty business cards only work when they are authentic and playful.


  1. Utilize unusual materials

The most common material used to print business cards is card stock. For starters, it is readily available. Secondly, its cost friendly. Lastly, it is environmentally friendly. Giving out such a card to a modern business person will not make any impact compared to where one is handed a business card made of the following materials:

l Metal

l Bamboo

l Natural wood

l Slate

  1. Emboss your business cards

Yes, the black and dark gray-look of your business card is stunning but that is not enough. Your goal is to create new relationships and businesses with prospective parties. When you emboss your business cards, you are able to create a raised, 3D effect that adds style and elegance. Furthermore, it makes the card to be more tactile.


According to research, incorporating 3D effects on your business card makes it memorable too. As a result, you will be able to close the deal.


  1. Avoid borders

Borders are no longer acceptable on business card. Not only are they impractical but they can be a nightmare during printing. For starters, borders may come out lopsided. This is due to the movements made by the printing machine. Instead of borders, leave a 3 mm Bleed. A bleed is an area with the same color as the background.


  1. Consider your business card’s thickness

It is important to know that the thicker a business card is, the more expensive it feels. This helps to highlight that your business is professional. Avoid printing on paper or any other material that is thinner than 300 gsm. It makes the card feel cheap and tacky.


  1. Use flat graphics

Flat graphics are trending simply because they keep the business card looking modern and fresh. Furthermore, it sends out the message that you are creative. Some elements to incorporate include button icons, clean shapes and illustrations.


  1. Always think outside the box

We are in the digital age where networking is still an important form of creating business relationships. To attract new business, apply out of the box concepts such as matte coating and die cutting to create rounded corners. Remember, the goal is to ensure that your business card makes a lasting and memorable impact.

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