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Why Business Cards Still Matter

Why Business Cards Still Matter
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Did you know that 72% of the population judges a company by the quality of their business card? That is not all. 88% of the total number of business cards printed are thrown in the trash. Additionally, it has been found that business people who issue out poorly designed business cards are not able to seal the deal.


What you need to know is that creative designs have helped to redefine business cards. Unlike in the past where it was acceptable for a business card to have a white background, lots of information and borders. Today, all those elements are frowned upon.


The business world is after well designed business cards that not only spell out creativity on their own but they are readable, attractive and drives the message home.


Here are the top 5 business card designs that will surely leave a lasting impression.


  1. Luxurious Gold Business Card

This template has a timeless design thanks to the use of a black background and gold letters. As a fully layered template, it is easily editable and print ready. The template was designed using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC which means printing and editing is a breeze.


A look at front side of the template shows how the designer has included vital information that is required to identify your business, your name and position. At the top right corner, the designer has included a simple logo with the brand name. The back side of the card has the brand name; logo and slogan of the company centered and raised thus making it easy to distinguish from other cards. At the footer, you have the URL of the company website. What you need to know is that all the elements have been positioned as is to ensure readability.


View the Luxurious Gold Business Card template.


  1. Creative Corporate Business card

Designed with both black and white colors, the Creative Corporate template will surely stand out among the rest. The template is fully editable which allows you or your graphics designer to add your personal details and those of your brand before printing. The type of font used is Lato which is part of Google fonts. It is legible and allows the reader to view the details without squinting.


The designer has chosen to incorporate part of Asia and Australia continents as the background. In the spirit of utilizing the available space, the designer has also positioned the logo and brand name on the top left corner while the details of the professional are spread on the right side. Below the logo, a QR code has been added which can be used to drive traffic to the brand’s website.


View the Creative Corporate Business card.


  1. Models and Actors Modern Headshot Business Card

This business card template is perfect for models, actors, actresses and even make-up artists. It provides the option of double sided printing which is possible with Full color CMYK print process.


The portrait format helps to make your business card memorable and easily noticeable. Since it’s designed to enhance your personal portfolio, you can add your image and first name on the front. At the back, personalize the details to include your name, profession, phone number, email, social media account and website.


View Model and Actors Modern Headshot Business card.


  1. Marketing business card

Designed to be in the shape of a truck, this business card will revolutionize how your customers view you and your business. The designer has combined three color schemes – red, white and dark gray.


The back can be imprinted with the following details: name, position, phone number, email and website. As said earlier, the business card is designed to look like a delivery truck which makes it suitable for the owner or marketing professionals working for a delivery company


View the Marketing business card.


  1. Flat Plastic Business Card

The Flat Plastic Business Card is transparent and utilizes the flat design which makes it ever green. Available in landscape format, it has the following dimensions 3.5 inches by 2 inches or 3.75 inches by 2.25 inches with bleeds and trim mark. Apart from print ready files, the designer has included other modern elements such as the QR code. This can be used to embed the business website URL or social media pages links. As a result, users can simply scan the QR code and learn more about the company. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for the business to drive traffic to its website and social media pages.


The front features the name of the professional, position, address, email, phone number and website. To further enhance its look and design, the graphic designer has incorporated icons besides the contact details.


View the Flat Plastic Business Card.

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