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Why Is Postcard Printing Considered A Cost Effective Marketing Tool?

Why Is Postcard Printing Considered A Cost Effective Marketing Tool?
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Internet, email and social media marketing are currently the most popular forms of creating awareness about a product or service. The reason why they are popular is because they are cost effective and can reach a wider audience. The problem is most of these ads are displayed on web pages, mobile apps and desktop apps which means they are intrusive. Additionally, the ad networks collect a lot of personal data without seeking permission from its customers. With postcards, the only data collected is the customers’ name and address which means the company will not be intruding on the privacy of its customers. Furthermore, the postcards are customer-centric.


Want to know why postcard printing is the most effective marketing tool?


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High response rate

Research has shown that postcard marketing performance can be measured accurately and directly. Remember the back of the postcard. Well, companies can use this space to elicit feedback from its customers. Apart from that, companies can measure the response rate by asking customers to bring the postcard along when shopping and remit it for a discount. Let’s assume you sent out 1,000 postcards and the number of customers who responded is 30. That means you had a response rate of 3%. According to the Direct Marketers Association, the average response rate for postcards is 4.25%. With your 3%, it means your postcard marketing campaign was effective. You also have the option of tracking demographics. To achieve this, color code your postcards depending with the neighborhood or ZIP code.


No envelopes = Higher read rate

According to research, postcards have a high read rate compared to email. The reason why they have a high read rate is because they are not packaged in an envelope or any other packaging. This means that the customer can choose to read the message or toss it in the trash. In order to elicit a “Wow” from your customers once they receive your postcard, make sure you have included a captivating message. It should be brief, memorable and attractive. Don’t forget to select a brightly colored photo that gives the customer a sneak preview of what to get. Remember, a photo conveys a thousand words. Don’t forget to use a font type that is legible.



Once your postcard template has been designed for you, you can forward it to your selected digital printer. He or she will provide you with the best solutions especially when it comes to the type of material. Since you will be making an order for a large batch of postcards, the printer will charge you cheaper rates compared to when making a small order. Once printing is done, it’s time to mail the postcards. Majority of digital printers offer direct mail services which means you get to save more. Online companies like Catdi Printing and GotPrint.com Additionally, since the postcards don’t need to be packaged in envelopes, you will not incur extra costs. If you had undertaken the responsibility of designing the postcards, printing and mailing them, the whole process would have been expensive. This will have increased your marketing budget because you have to hire additional staff in order to track the performance of your postcard marketing campaign.     



Captures the customers attention if well designed

What you ought to know is that your postcard design can break or ensure the success of your postcard marketing campaign. As a result, your message will be delivered to the intended customers. For this to be possible, you have to ensure that the postcard is well designed. Here are elements you should incorporate to ensure success:

l Include a striking photo that supports your marketing campaign

l Add a promotional headline that is brief and straightforward ( cool link that makes this clear)

l Add a strong call to action

l Place the logo and brand name where the customer can notice

l Add your business contact information


Drives traffic online

You may not be aware of this but today, postcard marketing can help to drive traffic to your website and even social media pages. During design, companies can add their website URL or social media pages as a QR code.

To drive traffic to one’s business website or social media pages, all the brand has to do is to hold competitions or offers. For instance, you can request your new followers to like your business page and comment on a certain post. In return, they will receive a coupon code or promo code which they can use on their next purchase. As a result, they will get to save. You can also opt to include other giveaways from your product line. The more unique visitors your website and social media pages receive, the higher your website will be ranked on Google and other search engines. But honestly do people use search engines other than Google? This establishes your website as a reputable brand. not only for goods and services but for information too.


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